Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My blog is really ugly at the moment. I am trying to give it a new look, but I don't know what I want and that makes it difficult to make decisions. Part of me wants to start a new blog with a different name because so much has changed since I started this one and because my title doesn't sound as witty as it used to. On the other hand I have this attachment to originals and would probably keep this blog just because it is my first blog.

I have been extremely lazy over the Christmas break, overcompensating for how insanely busy I was all last semester. Being lazy puts me in a rut though. Once I get down into a groove, I have a hard time getting back out. I have just now started my to do list for the break. I really need to write thank you cards for all of the wonderful gifts and support Chris and I received during our wedding. SORRY!

Last semester my GPA went down the drain. I am able to keep my scholarships, but my grades were no where near where they usually are and I am not proud of it. There are several very understandable reasons why I did so poorly, but the main reason is that I was lazy and didn't do the work. Mainly, I neglected to write several papers. So then I changed my major to writing. It's not that I can't write the papers, that I don't have ideas, or even that I don't have the time. I just can't ever get started. I actually love to write. I enjoy writing even the most boring essays ONCE I GET STARTED. I can never start anything, which is usually why I never do anything. Needless to say, this semester is going to be make or break for my collage career. Either I am going to soar and fulfill my dreams or I am going to crash onto the rocky path that leads to working at Chick-fil-A my entire life.

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